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31 March 2010

The Red Wheelies are in motion again

Quingo - Safety and comfort reinvented
The Red Wheelies are in motion again
Britain’s one and only ‘Scooter Formation Team’ – the Red Wheelies – are gearing up ready to face their biggest challenge yet after securing funding to cover costs.

All members of the pioneering party have Multiple Sclerosis and, after being first sprung into the spotlight last year after travelling the 84 mile length of Hadrian’s Wall, they have continued to inspire and raise awareness wherever they travel raising funds for The Kent Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre in Canterbury.

Jackie Weeden, team leader of the Wheelies said: “We’ve been planning the next venture for a while but were unsure if costs were going to be covered. Now that we have the funding it’s great that we’re able to go ahead all cylinders firing and raise as much money as possible for the Therapy Centre.”

Grassroots Grants, administered by the Kent Community Foundation, have awarded £5000 to ensure the ladies every success for their new venture.

This year the Red Wheelies are aiming to step up a gear with their Quingo mobility scooters this year as they embark upon completing the North Downs Way walk. Running from Winchester to Canterbury via Dover, the walk passes Guildford, Dorking and Rochester and, at over 150 miles, it’s almost twice the length of last year’s challenge – but that isn’t holding them back.

John Jackson of Kent Community Foundation commented: “We’re really pleased to be able to help such an innovative activity. It’s truly great to see these inspiring ladies who refuse to let a debilitating illness get in their way. I’m glad that we’re able to support them with this year’s big adventure and wish them all the best on their Journey.”

Providing the wheels for the team are Forever Active Ltd (UK suppliers of Quingos) who have donated scooters for all members to ensure they complete the trek glitch-free.

Mark Nicholls, Managing Director at Forever Active said: “Our products have been designed to give people with mobility issues their independence back and these ladies continue to revolutionise the way in which mobility scooters can be used. The Quingo team is incredibly proud to lend a helping hand to the ladies who have achieved so much in the last 18 months.”

Jackie added: “This looks set to be our busiest year yet complete with the biggest challenge we’ve ever faced. We’re thankful for all the support we continue to receive and just want to remind people that we’re here to prove MS doesn’t have to mean you can’t achieve great things. If anything for us it has brought us together and brought opportunities into our lives that we never believed of before. “

The Red Wheelies begin their journey in the next few months. To find out more and to make a donation to help them along their way, visit

People can also follow the ladies’ trials and tribulations on @RedWheelies on Twitter.

03 March 2010

Quingo - Safety and comfort reinvented
Mobility Scooter Security Advice
With vandalism of mobility scooters in the headlines recently and the terrible fire incident in Rugby we asked Mark Nicholls, Managing Director of Quingo scooters what precautions manufactures and users can take to protect against vandalism, theft and accidental damage?

“Firstly all Quingo scooters, right from our very first, have a unique serial number which can be used to trace any recovered vehicle and be used by third parities to identify owners and their location. A second obvious security measure is the adoption of genuine ignition keys as opposed to the jack plug key still employed by a number of manufacturers today. Jack plug keys are very easy to come by and afford a very low level of protection. Genuine keys immobilise any vehicle instantly when removed from the ignition and in most cases provide a good level of security when out shopping or just visiting friends.”

Mark goes on to explain that when it comes to storage, there are many additional products available, such as the motorbike style covers which keep the vehicle out of site, the metal framed scooter garages that bolt securely to the floor with a locking system and even garden sheds provide an inexpensive way to protect your scooter investment. “We offer a range of security products and all of them help in securing scooters but at the end of the day there is one security measure that out performs all others in terms of value for money - and that is very good insurance.”

The department of transport recommend in their guidance that although not mandatory all scooter users should take out at least 3rd party insurance. Forever Active, Quingo’s distributor in the UK go a step further and recommend a fully comprehensive insurance package covering fire, theft, accidental damage and public liability cover, plus new for old scooter replacement in the event of vandalism. Mark continues, “The public liability element is increasingly important. For example if a customer were to accidentally run over somebody’s toes in a shopping centre or worse, the implications without insurance are serious. The low cost of the insurance, less than £70 a year is an important factor for our customers especially when compared to the current high costs of tracking devices or large purpose built garages which are simply beyond the reach of most ordinary scooter users.”

We asked Mark if there were any other methods of protection or advice that customers could adopt to protect their investment.

“In addition to the various lock options we offer, there are movement detector alarms which will sound when a scooter is disturbed. These go someway to deterring the opportunist thief. One of our scooters, the Quingo Sport has a standard 12v socket which means any number of security devices can be retro fitted. My advice to all customers is to use common sense, where possible store your vehicle securely either indoors or if outdoors either out of sight or covered. Never leave your vehicle with the keys in the ignition and ensure all your valuable are out of sight or securely locked in the vehicles lockable storage compartments.”

Mr Nicholls concluded “Above all make sure you have good insurance should the worst happen and make sure you are clear on exactly what it covers you for.”