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14 October 2014

The Quingo Flyte: The Perfect Half-Term Holiday Mobility Solution

As the October half-term break draws closer, many of us across the country will be busy making plans to visit family, friends and loved ones. While the October break is a great opportunity to bring family and loved ones closer together, the thought of transporting traditional 3 and 4 wheel scooters on long journeys can be a real deterrent for many.
The huge advantage of the Quingo Flyte over other traditional scooters is the ease with which the scooter can be loaded into almost any hatchback, SUV and estate cars. In this post, we take a closer look at why the Quingo Flyte can help make troublesome car loading and car journeys a thing of the past.

Quingo Flyte loading
Quingo Flyte loading

Overcoming the Elements
Although October may be one of the colder, more challenging months of the year, the Quingo Flyte’s remote controlled docking system makes loading your scooter into your car incredibly easy. For the first time ever, the Quingo Flyte offers a completely portable mobility solution. The remote controlled system is so easy to use in fact that the Flyte can load and unload itself into most small hatchbacks and estate car in less than a minute, meaning you won’t be left struggling in the elements while trying to figure out a solution to load your scooter.
We’re committed to Great Customer Experiences
When it comes describing the superior quality and experience afforded by the Quingo Flyte, you need look no further than our own customers’ testimonials! We were recently contacted by Mrs Anne Wood of Kent, who had taken her Quingo Flyte all the way to Europe’s most northerly point – the North Cape in Norway! In an extremely kind letter, Mrs Wood went on to describe to us that she never would have been able to visit North Cape “with a scooter you had to dismantle to load into the coach”.
Mrs Wood at North Cape, Norway
Mr R. Grenville of Essex, also kindly wrote to us earlier in the year to let us know just how much the Flyte has changed his life. Mr Grenville explained in his letter than his quality of life had been “vastly improved” as a result of the highly versatile Quingo Flyte.
Quingo Flyte – testimonial letter
Experience the 5 wheel difference for yourself
At Quingo, we’re passionate about providing customers with the best quality products, and customer service to match. If you would like to arrange a FREE TEST DRIVE with one of our highly trained experts, we would be delighted to help. You can book your test drive, or order a free DVD and Quingo brochure simply by giving us a call on FREEPHONE 0800 023 2577, or by completing our contact us form.

Welcome to the Quingo Flyte: the next generation of mobility scooter

The Quingo Flyte really is quite unlike other mobility scooters.  This compact, state-of-the-art scooter gives users unrivalled portability and is compatible with a huge array of cars, making it an incredibly versatile mobility solution.  In this post, we take a closer look at why the Quingo Flyte really is at the forefront of the next generation of mobility scooters.

Quingo Quality You’ve Come to Expect 
Quingo are the only scooter range to provide customers with the benefit of the 5 wheel difference.  Unlike traditional 4 wheel scooters, all Quingo products offer enhanced stability, unequalled agility, better comfort, safer kerb handling and superior adaptability and the Quingo Flyte is no exception.  Alongside these amazing advantages, Quingo Flyte users will also benefit from a comprehensive 3 year warranty, free delivery, tuition and bespoke set-up services as well as first-class customer service.  With our highly skilled network of engineers, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that Quingo are never far away should you need our help.

Effortless Car Docking and Portability

Traditional 4 wheel scooters are often cumbersome, making them difficult to transport.  With the Quingo Flyte however, car docking could not be easier. Every Quingo Flyte comes with an accompanying docking station ramp and remote control which allows you to effortlessly load your scooter into your car boot in less than 60 seconds.  Put simply, the Quingo Flyte’s docking station does all the hard work, so you don’t have to.

Quingo Flyte Docking Station
Quingo Flyte Docking Station

No Dismantling Required
The Quingo Flyte’s unique design enables you to transform your scooter into an incredibly compact shape which will fit inside most small hatchbacks and estates without issue.  Unlike a huge amount of 4 wheel scooters, the Flyte does not need to be dismantled before transportation.  Thanks to its simple, elegant design, that Quingo Flyte’s seat and tiller fold down easily, creating a sleek and compact version of the Flyte which can be docked with minimal effort.
Remote controlled docking
Remote controlled docking
A Compact Scooter, Big on Performance
Given the Quingo Flyte’s highly portable nature, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it might pack less punch when it comes to performance.  In fact, the Quingo Flyte’s superior design specification means that it comes with a highly powerful motor capable of easily carrying weights of up to 25 stone.  Not only is the Flyte’s motor very impressive, but the scooter is also capable of travelling up to an incredible 23 miles on its 400 Watt engine.

If you’d like to know more about next generation in the Quingo range, the Quingo Flyte, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 0800 085 7555, or contact us through the Quingo Flyte web page.  We would be delighted to see you a free brochure and DVD, or arrange a test drive with no obligation to buy.

Quingo Compact: the versatile mobility solution

Autumn is undoubtedly one of the most visually striking times of the year.  Deciduous trees shed their leaves, turning our pavements into the glorious gold and auburn pathways many of us enjoy year after year.

While many of us will likely spend more time indoors as the cooler weather draws in, it’s equally important to be able to get out safely and comfortably when we want to.  In this post, we’ll be taking a closer look why the Quingo Compact makes the perfect indoor and outdoor mobility solution this autumn.


Quingo Compact
Quingo Compact

Indoor & Outdoor Versatility
As the name suggests, the Quingo Compact is the smallest scooter in the 5 wheel range.  Don’t be fooled by its diminutive frame, however – the Quingo Compact offers the same 5 wheel stability and adaptable comfort as its larger companions.  Coming in at just over one metre long, the Compact is perfectly suited for indoor navigation around the home or in small shops, and is road-ready for those longer journeys.   The Compact features Quingo’s patented Quintell technology, giving you greater stability, steering options and adjustable footplates than comparable 4 wheel scooters.

Easily Transportable
One of the great advantages of the Quingo Compact over comparable scooters is its ease of transportation.  Unlike other larger traditional scooters, the 5 wheel Quingo Compact fits easily into most hatchbacks, meaning you can take your Quingo with you wherever you go this autumn season.  The Compact is also powered by a 100 Watt electric motor which will enable you to go an impressive 8 miles per hour meaning this Quingo packs a significant punch for its size.

Quingo aerial view
Quingo aerial view
Greater Manoeuvrability with Quingo
When you buy a Quingo, you’re not just buying a great quality mobility scooter – you’re also buying peace of mind.  Don’t just take our word for it though. Independent research conducted on the 5 wheel range has proven the Quingo range to be more manoeuvrable than any other 4 wheel scooters of comparable length currently available.  Our customers have had similarly positive experiences, many of which you can read about in our customer viewssection of the blog.
Quingo Compact
Analogue dash and touch controls
If you would like to receive a FREE Quingo range brochure and DVD, or book your free no-obligation test dry, please not phone us on Freephone 0800 085 7555 or you can contact us through our Contact page.

Why are 5 Wheels Better Than 4? Find out the Quingo Difference…

When it comes to electric mobility scooters, the Quingo range really does stand apart from the competition. Why? Quingo is the only scooter range in the world to benefit from the comfort, security and safety of the 5 wheel advantage. In this post, we take a look at why 5 wheels really are better than 4, providing you with an overall safer, more comfortable scooter experience.

Enhanced Stability 
The Quingo scooter range is the world’s only electric scooter range to benefit from the stability of the 5 wheel system. Quingo’s unique stability system offers users a wide range of benefits, such as superior control on pavements, kerbs and inclines, all without compromising on agility. Quingo’s patented front tri-wheel system makes your experience even safer by offering additional stability, allowing you freedom to roam even in extreme conditions.

Unequalled Agility
With a turning circle of just 107cm, you’ll find navigating tight spaces and corners a much more comfortable experience with a Quingo. Traditional 3 and 4 wheel scooters will often require users to make multiple 3 point turns, just to navigate everyday situations. With one of Quingo’s elite scooters, you’ll benefit from a level of agility you’re unlikely to find elsewhere.

Better Comfort
What makes a Quingo scooter so comfortable to use? The Quingo range’s ergonomic posture control and adaptive footplates make using your scooter day to day a joy. A common issue with older, traditional scooters is their lack of customisable seating. With the Quingo range however, scooter users are at the centre of the experience. That’s why with our range, users can experience up to 80% more foot space than other 4 wheel scooters of comparable length – meaning less stress for backs, legs, keens and ankle joints. 

Safer Kerb Handling 
Kerbs needn’t be a challenge for mobility scooters, but unfortunately all too often they are. Quingo’s 5 wheel system is different having been specifically designed to allow users to approach kerbs at sharper angles than other scooter systems. In fact, Quingo scooters can approach kerbs at a 45” angle of up to 3 inches in height.

Superior Adaptability

The entire Quingo range benefits from adaptive footplates and posture control, meaning greater comfort and adaptability, ensuring your scooter experience is a comfortable one. Taking that level of adaptability even further, the Quingo Flyte can even easily be loaded into the boot of your car, with its automatic docking station. If its adaptability you’re after – the Quingo range will have something to suit your needs. If you’d like to hear more about what the Quingo range has to offer, or would like to receive one of our brochures absolutely FREE, please call us on 0800 085 7555 and we’d be more than happy to send you more information and a DVD straight to your door.