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Quingo News: All the latest about the Quingo range of 5 wheel mobility scooters.

10 December 2012

Quingo and the 5-wheel advantage

With three and four-wheel mobility scooters readily available, we’re often asked; why the fifth wheel?

Quingo scooters were developed to fix some of the inherent problems associated with three and four-wheel mobility scooters.

Three-wheel scooters are great if you don’t have much space or if you regularly use your scooter to get around tight corners, perhaps when you’re visiting the shops. However, if you don’t have a good sense of balance or your weight isn’t evenly distributed, these scooters can easily become unstable.

Four-wheel mobility scooters are more stable than three-wheel scooters and can cope better with uneven ground. However, they can be heavy and difficult to steer, and they may not be able to negotiate such tight corners. You may also encounter posture issues as your feet are either forced over the front wheels or pushed back behind them.

Quingo Five-wheel mobility scooters have the advantage of a tight turning circle, giving it lots of manoeuvrability like a three-wheel scooter but with far greater stability. The tri-wheel steering configuration and Quingo’s adaptive floating footplates also mean that each leg can be individually adjusted to ensure your hips, legs and feet can be precisely where they should be for best posture.

At Quingo, we know that mobility problems are as individual as you are and that’s why each of our customers receives a personal visit from a member of our staff to make sure your scooter is just right for your needs and that you are able to use it safely. To find out more about any of the Quingo range, call free for your free brochure on 0800 085 7555 or click here to request it online.

04 December 2012

I got chills...

We’re feeling the winter chill here at Quingo and to make sure all our customers are up to date on scooter care, we wanted to share a few more of our top tips on how to keep your scooter at its peak this season.

Did you know the colder weather can shorten your scooter’s range?

Top tip 1: Make sure you top up your scooter’s batteries after every use to maximise the charge and keep your range as high as possible. 

Top tip 2: Keep your Quingo inside or under a cover. This will make sure Jack Frost doesn’t get to your scooter and shorten your range when it’s not in use. 

Top tip 3: Remember to check your scooter’s tyre pressure regularly. Soft tyres will decrease your range and wear out your all-important grip! 

For any help or advice on how to keep your Quingo scooter in prime condition this winter, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.