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Quingo News: All the latest about the Quingo range of 5 wheel mobility scooters.

30 August 2012

Comfort is king, and Quingo holds the crown!

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Mobility Scooters can look like cumbersome things to get on. Yet when they exist to aid mobility, why shouldn’t they be easily accessible? Quingo Scooters are designed with comfort and accessibility at the forefront. 

Backed by the Davis Associates Anthropometic/Posture review, Quingo Scooters are tailored around you, adjusted and set correctly for every user. The Vitess and the Toura further play on this theme of ultimate comfort, offering a seat slide feature which allows even more access to those with stiff joints or limited leg movement.

Keep the blood flowing, too. No one likes pins and needles, and Quingo scooters come with foot-plates that can be pushed up and down – offering a gentle massage for your muscles and keeping the circulation going.

If you keep your arms on the armrests while driving, there’s no chance of added pressure on your legs and back, and that’s because every scooter comes perfectly adjusted to fit you. Not only that, Quingo offers superior stability and smoother ride with five wheels on the ground. Two independent suspension systems can be adjusted with the Quingo Vitness and Toura, making a bumpy ride just that bit more relaxed.

Just one last jewel for our crown – did you know Quingo scooters have a staggering 80% more foot room than on a vehicle of comparable length?

You can’t beat comfort, and you can’t beat Quingo.

28 August 2012

Quingo Top Ten Air Travel Tips

Quingo Top Tips: Air Travel

Taking your Quingo on a flight, through an airport and enjoying the Quingo advantage at your destination need not be as daunting as you think. This is the first in a series of postings that will help you get the most out of your Quingo. These simple steps will help you prepare your Quingo for the trip, provide guidance on safe transportation and advice for when you are there. 

1. Remove all items from the basket or lockable boxes.
2. Make sure you leave the vehicle with the freewheel lever in the braked or normal position.
3. Always take a spare key with you as it could be mislaid when the vehicle is being placed in the hold.
4. Fix a label to the ignition key and write on the label 'Remove key for flight and attach key to the handle bars'.
5. Make sure the airline staff understand how to fold down the scooter for transport and the location of the freewheel device.
6. All original and authorised replacement batteries for the Quingo range are flight safe. Not all batteries are.
If you have replaced your batteries with an alternate supplier, seek guarantees with that supplier they are flight safe.
7. Don’t forget your battery charger and a suitable plug for the country you are visiting.
8. Check the local laws for driving your vehicle. They are different for each country.
9. If your scooter can be disassembled do not take it apart. Keep the vehicle in one piece.
10. Make sure your vehicle is in fully charged when traveling.

23 August 2012

"The best scooter I’ve ever had"

Once again, a big thank you goes out to all those who took the time to get back to us. Our customers mean the world to us, so it’s always great when we hear stories like those below. 

Mr A Sherman made us smile when he said his Quingo was: 

Our customer service was noted by Mr E. Ruld who said:

Mr G. Lawry added to this with his own kind words:

And, finally, Mr T. Cumming told us that: 

Thank you so much, gentlemen. It’s always fantastic to receive so much positive feedback.

09 August 2012

AMC announces New Quingo distributor for Germany

Quingo Mobilität GmbH

Advantage Marketing Corporation/Quingo UK, the leading provider of 5 Wheel Mobility Scooters, are pleased to announce that they have established a subsidiary company in Germany called Quingo Mobilität GmbH which has the exclusive distribution rights of the Quingo range in Germany. 

Expanding Quingo International operations, Quingo Mobilität GmbH, based in Mönchengladbach, already have a large team that have been fully functional from the beginning of August 2012. "Customers can now take advantage of Quingo’s 5 wheel stability, agility and comfort advantages and we are really pleased to make Quingo more widely available in the German community." Explained General Manager, Rolf Dannehl.

“We are really pleased to offer a great range of 5 wheeled products including two new additions to the range, the TÜV Nord approved Quingo Vitess and Quingo Toura. We can now offer all of Germany clients the same great product range and superb customer care that our parent company in the UK offer.”

This is the latest expansion for Quingo in the European market. Quingo mobility Scooters and services are already distributed in Holland, France, and Belgium and most recently New Zealand.

The UK Quingo team would like to wish all their German colleagues the best of luck in their new venture.

Contact them at:

Quingo Mobilität GmbH
Willicher Damm 133 D-41066 Mönchengladbach
Telefon: 02161 5765 100 Telefax: 02161 5765 111

03 August 2012

“It’s like a family. Nothing is too much trouble"

We’ve continued to receive tremendous feedback from our customers over the past few months. Quingo considers customer service to be central to everything we do, and the lovely messages we consistently receive are the icing on the cake. 

Miss Lesley Jones had this to say about our customer service team: 

Mrs Dorothy Brown echoed this sentiment with her own lovely comments:

We couldn’t help but smile when we read what Mrs Doreen Fullbrook had to say:

Mrs J L Harfleet provided one of our favourite quotes when she told us that:

We’re so happy we could help! A big thank you to everyone who took the time to give such kind feedback, and to all the Quingo staff who provided excellent service.