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Quingo News: All the latest about the Quingo range of 5 wheel mobility scooters.

20 September 2012

Good-looking get-abouts: excerpt from The Daily Mail, 20.09.12

Mobility Scooters are turning into good-lookers, too, with cool new models inspired by car and motor scooter styling. Most models have four wheels for stability and some lightweight types fold easily into the boot of a car, or can be trollied along like a suitcase when travelling. 

There are also innovative new five-wheel models, which offer extra stability and agility. With these, the position of the adjustable seat and footrests allow you to maintain a more comfortable posture and optimum centre of gravity. And the five wheels make kerb climbing easier, as the outside front wheels stabilise while the large centre wheel gently raises or lowers the vehicle safely. Leading companies will now offer full guidance, training and advice before and after purchase, so that rookie scooter owners can enjoy their newfound freedom, safely and with a good understanding of highway laws.

18 September 2012

“Particularly kind and helpful”

Once again, we’re here to thank our customers and our staff for the great feedback we have received. Mr E.B Gray gave us some professional scrutiny (which we passed!) when he said: 

Our office staff were commended by Mrs M. Batehup in this statement: 

This was further enriched by Mr Allan R.Sims comments:

And, last but not least, we were pleased with what Miss Dot Kelly had to say about her Quingo experience 

Hearing so many kind words and sentiments is something every company strives for, and we at Quingo have been very touched by the feedback. Thank you once again to both the staff who made this happen, and the customers who took the time to give such good feedback.  

14 September 2012

Quingo goes to Rehacare 2012

AVC is proud to announce that Quingo will be on show at Rehacare 2012!

See and try all of the 2012 range including the New Quingo Vitess & Toura which are both now approved by TÜV NORD in Germany, just ask any of the friendly AVC / Quingo Mobilität GmbH Team.

Showcasing our very latest scooters, as last year we hope to take the show by storm, alongside other companies from as far afield as Australia and Vietnam, showcasing our unique 5 wheel offering to international consumers and new potential distributor partners.

Rehacare is a respected and widely recognized international trade fair. It is hosted in Germany, where it has been established for over 30 years. 750 national and international exhibitors are brought together from all across the world to present, discuss and share information regarding rehabilitation, prevention, integration and care for the elderly, disabled and anyone with care requirements or chronic conditions.

We will be sure to post pictures from Germany, and if anyone is going to Rehacare, please come and say hello any time between 10-13 October!

10 September 2012

Quingo has “Real Street Cred”

It’s time again to give yet another thank you to our customers who took the time to give us some wonderful feedback. 

Mr Alan Reeve made us split into a grin when he said: 

Backing up our street cred, Mr Thomas Johns further praised the Quingo’s design: 

Mrs Ethel Harris had this to say about us: 

And finally, we were deeply pleased to see we’re still 
being talked about by Mr T. Greenwood: 

To continue to recieve such positive and high praise has made our day, and we’ll keep striving to keep this feedback coming. Thanks again to everyone who made this a possibility.