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Quingo News: All the latest about the Quingo range of 5 wheel mobility scooters.

14 March 2013

Designed With You In Mind

Our customers’ comfort and safety is the starting point of everything we do here at Quingo. Each of the 5 wheel scooters in our range is carefully designed with our customers’ correct posture at the heart of the process. 

To ensure maximum comfort and safety on all of those essential outings to the shops, whether you are visiting friends, family or if you are on a vital trip to the shops, your Quingo is equipped with multiple features and technologies that will help keep you as safe and as comfortable as possible throughout your journey.

Adaptive floating footplates provide up to 80% more foot area and allow the precise independent positioning of each leg. 

An infinitely adjustable tiller means all controls are exactly where they should be for best posture and the minimum effort steering performs outstandingly well in tight spaces.

All models enjoy Q-Comfort fully adjustable seating which means whoever you are you’ll enjoy maximum comfort even on those longer journeys.

To find out more on how Quingo Mobility Scooters are designed with you in mind, feel free to give us a call on 0800 731 3376 and request your free brochure.  

07 March 2013

Look After Your Legs

Vascular Disease Awareness Week 2013 takes place this year between the 11th and 17th of March. The week aims to highlight the importance of looking after your legs and make sure occurrences of vascular diseases, one of the UK’s largest killers, are minimised. 

 With the aim of Vascular Disease Awareness Week in mind, it’s important to remember how Quingo mobility scooters can help those who have experienced problems with their legs and are stuck at home. Exercise is key wherever possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle but longer trips for some can become difficult. In these circumstances a Quingo is a good option to get you out of the house to make those essential trips to the shops or visit relatives and friends. It will keep you active and keep you connected to your community. 

However, when deciding which scooter to purchase, it is important for mobility scooter users to source the safest, most comfortable and most suitable scooter for their needs. 

Although most mobility scooters can have advantages for people suffering from problems with their legs, it’s worth noting that the Quingo five wheeled mobility scooters offer significantly greater leg room than their three or four wheel counterparts: in most cases up to 80% more foot area. This ensures that Quingo drivers experience the best anatomical driving position, improved circulation and crucially, easy access on and off the vehicle. 

Additionally, all Quingo scooters offer adaptive floating foot plates. These allow the Quingo user’s legs to be individually adjusted to ensure hips, legs and feet are precisely where they should be for best posture and circulation. These adjustments are vital if you have one stiff leg and more movement in the other. Quingo’s adaptive footplates are also sprung loaded which allows the user to independently exercise ankle joints while on the move. Even moderate exercise while driving a scooter could make all the difference.

For more information about Vascular Disease Awareness Week 2013 visit and to find out how Quingo can change your life, please call 0800 0857 555 and our friendly team will be happy to help.  

04 March 2013

Importance of Training Featured on ‘The One Show’

A recent episode of BBC1’s ‘The One Show’ featured a sequence on the importance of safety, training and insurance for drivers of Mobility Scooters.

The episode quite legitimately highlighted some of the negative consequences that can occur when a scooter is mis-sold, misused or sold with inadequate or no training. Thankfully, accidents are rare and most users enjoy the benefits a scooter offers without incident. However, when accidents do occur, as they do in all modes of transport, they attract more than their fair share of headlines.

The show highlighted the importance of insurance, which although is not mandatory, is highly recommended by the Department for Transport and the entire Quingo Team. Insurance is not expensive and gives you real peace of mind if anything should ever happen.

With all this in mind, the importance of sourcing your scooter from a company that provides comprehensive training and a safety test to ensure that users are capable and safe to drive a scooter is highlighted. 

It goes without saying that only after completing the safety test and training that our customers go on to select the safest, most stable and reliable scooter you can get. Collectively, these simple steps go a long way to ensuring both user and public safety. 

Here at Quingo, we get many letters from people we have assessed and their siblings thanking us for our honesty when a test has highlighted that certain individuals would not be safe to use a Quingo. 

When choosing a company to purchase your scooter from, it’s well worth noting that while safety, stability and comfort are all paramount, that is not the end of the story. The pre and after sales services are just as vital, and in many instances make all the difference when it comes to getting genuine value for money and ensuring user suitability and safety. 

‘The One Show’ feature asked the question of whether more legislation would help or hinder the ability of genuine users to access products. The programme summarised that as long as customers purchase from good, reputable companies offering comprehensive training, testing and insurance, the current legislation should be sufficient enough to make sure incidents remain rare. 

 For many people, a Quingo is literally a replacement for their legs and it’s vital that those in need can access these essential devices with appropriate training without excessive fuss and additional paperwork. Quingos make a vital difference to our customers’ well-being and quality of life. 

If you would like more information on our unique 5 wheel range, to discuss your free assessment and test drive, or if you just want a brochure, please call 0800 0857 555 and we’ll be waiting to help.