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Quingo News: All the latest about the Quingo range of 5 wheel mobility scooters.

10 December 2012

Quingo and the 5-wheel advantage

With three and four-wheel mobility scooters readily available, we’re often asked; why the fifth wheel?

Quingo scooters were developed to fix some of the inherent problems associated with three and four-wheel mobility scooters.

Three-wheel scooters are great if you don’t have much space or if you regularly use your scooter to get around tight corners, perhaps when you’re visiting the shops. However, if you don’t have a good sense of balance or your weight isn’t evenly distributed, these scooters can easily become unstable.

Four-wheel mobility scooters are more stable than three-wheel scooters and can cope better with uneven ground. However, they can be heavy and difficult to steer, and they may not be able to negotiate such tight corners. You may also encounter posture issues as your feet are either forced over the front wheels or pushed back behind them.

Quingo Five-wheel mobility scooters have the advantage of a tight turning circle, giving it lots of manoeuvrability like a three-wheel scooter but with far greater stability. The tri-wheel steering configuration and Quingo’s adaptive floating footplates also mean that each leg can be individually adjusted to ensure your hips, legs and feet can be precisely where they should be for best posture.

At Quingo, we know that mobility problems are as individual as you are and that’s why each of our customers receives a personal visit from a member of our staff to make sure your scooter is just right for your needs and that you are able to use it safely. To find out more about any of the Quingo range, call free for your free brochure on 0800 085 7555 or click here to request it online.

04 December 2012

I got chills...

We’re feeling the winter chill here at Quingo and to make sure all our customers are up to date on scooter care, we wanted to share a few more of our top tips on how to keep your scooter at its peak this season.

Did you know the colder weather can shorten your scooter’s range?

Top tip 1: Make sure you top up your scooter’s batteries after every use to maximise the charge and keep your range as high as possible. 

Top tip 2: Keep your Quingo inside or under a cover. This will make sure Jack Frost doesn’t get to your scooter and shorten your range when it’s not in use. 

Top tip 3: Remember to check your scooter’s tyre pressure regularly. Soft tyres will decrease your range and wear out your all-important grip! 

For any help or advice on how to keep your Quingo scooter in prime condition this winter, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.  

27 November 2012

Mem hits the jackpot with his Quingo Classic

We’re always striving to make your Quingo mobility experience as straightforward, friendly and professional as possible. 

When for example, a customer takes delivery of their Quingo, a member of our team is on hand to make sure it’s set up exactly how they need it. We contact each and every customer once they’ve had a chance to experience their scooter, to make sure they are happy with every aspect and to see how they enjoyed dealing with our staff. We also consistently review this data and the results speak for themselves! 

While we hear every day how pleased customers are with their Quingos and with our service, occasionally we get a reminder that the scooters themselves are not the real story: it’s the power they have to transform people’s lives. 

Mem was delighted to take his first outing in his Quingo Classic, which he received after being awarded one of the first lottery grants through Quingo dealer Mobility Scooters in Dunedin. He tells us he’s thrilled with the scooter, and even on his very first outing, he met friends he hasn’t seen in years. 

He says it’s already changed his life. Thank you for sharing your story, Mem, and best wishes from everyone at Quingo.  

05 November 2012

"A great asset to your company"

Last week we received a lovely letter from Mrs J Eaton of Birmingham who recently got in touch with Quingo customer services. We wanted to take a few minutes to thank all our staff for continuing to provide the best possible service when dealing with all queries and to Mrs Eaton for her wonderful feedback: it was too good to keep to ourselves! 

Thank you once again to all of our customers who continue to take the time to send us feedback. We are committed to providing great service time after time and it’s great to know that the continued efforts of everyone at Quingo make for more happy customers.

01 November 2012

All the leaves are brown

With autumn well and truly here, we wanted to take a few moments to share our top three autumn tips on scooter care to make sure your Quingo stays in optimum condition this season.

Top tip 1: 
Keep your Quingo warm and dry. Cover your Quingo or keep it inside when not in use to make sure the batteries stay charged and range remains at its best. 

Top tip 2: 
Be prepared for the blustery weather. Keep a jacket or scooter mac in your basket when out and about to make sure the change in seasons doesn’t catch you off guard. And our favourite… 

Top tip 3: 
Try to avoid driving over fallen leaves when you can. There can be objects and thorns hiding in there that could puncture your tyres! 

From covers to basket liners, we have a number of accessories available to help keep your scooter in tip-top condition this autumn. If there is anything we can do to help, feel free to give us a call. 

26 October 2012

The envy of her neighbours

Thank you to all our customers for the lovely feedback we’ve received again. All your kind comments bring a smile to all the faces here at Quingo.

Mrs J Tooth’s new Quingo has her neighbours feeling scooter envy:  

Mr M A Cleasby put it quite simply:: 

And Mrs L Wood noted the consideration given by the Quingo office staff:

Thank you to all of our customers who take the time to give us such lovely feedback. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do and we are always humbled to hear your positive thoughts and feelings. 

23 October 2012

Quingo's European adventure


The Quingo team was out and about in Dusseldorf earlier this month. Here’s a quick peek behind the scenes from the team at REHACARE.

17 October 2012


We wanted to take some time to acknowledge the fantastic comments given by some of our customers again. Everyone here at Quingo loves to hear of the positive experiences we are creating for our customers.

Mr R Connolly expresses his gratitude and we couldn't be more thankful for his fantastic feedback: 

Mrs S Edwards is another proud Quingo owner: 

And Mrs J L Harfleet wouldn't change a thing!

As always, the time taken by our customers to give us such positive feedback is greatly appreciated. The satisfaction of each and every one of you is so important to everyone at Quingo and we will continue to focus on giving fantastic customer service to make sure the praise keeps coming in.  

15 October 2012

A united Quingo in Europe

The Quingo team at Rehacare
The Quingo Sales and distribution team from across Europe are united at Rehacare 2012. With several new regions on their way, the international team show the very latest in Quingo's 5 wheel Scooter range and offer demonstrations explaining the 5 wheel benefits.

As more distributors join the Quingo network, more and more customers from all over the world can now begin to enjoy the stability, agility and comfort advantages that the range offers as well as a consistently high level of customer support.

Anyone unable to make the show but interested in talking to the team can do so by emailing

04 October 2012

5 wheel Quingo mobility scooter debuts in ITV’s Emmerdale

Emmerdale’s Sandy Thomas (played by Freddie Jones) has this week acquired a 5 Wheel Quingo Vitess mobility scooter – which will be a lifeline for Sandy’s character. As for all Quingo users, the scooter will be a welcome and safe means of remaining independent for Sandy, allowing him to stay involved with all the social goings on in the village.

Emmerdale has the scooter on permanent loan from Forever Active, the UK’s exclusive distributor of Quingo mobility scooters. Emmerdale contacted Forever Active directly and Group Marketing Manager Paul Benzie met props manager David Cowan, the Directors of the show and actor Freddie Jones on-set to help select the right scooter for the character. The Quingo Vitess, which is an 8mph, long range model was a great fit that can easily cope with the rugged terrain of the Dales as well as being nimble enough for the village stores.

Mark Nicholls, Managing Director at Forever Active, says: “A Quingo scooter is perfect for a character like Sandy – Becoming less mobile doesn’t mean you need to lose your independence and a Quingo can safely help you to get around, keep up with friends and family and remain part of the community – important in a small, close-knit town like Emmerdale.
To find out more about the Quingo Vitess in the UK call free on 0800 085 7555 and for those who missed the debut, viewers can keep up to date at or watch it on ITV on week day evenings at 7pm.

01 October 2012

Young mum regains her independence thanks to Quingo

Sarah Pile was coping well with her MS – until she had her daughter Emily two years ago. Since the pregnancy, Sarah’s condition worsened and her independence diminished. She became wheelchair-bound and increasingly reliant on the help of carers.

But last Monday, Forever Active delivered a new 5 wheel Quingo Plus with a rain canopy to Sarah, on permanent long-term loan. The gift was the result of a campaign by her Multiple Sclerosis Centre – the Kent MS Therapy Centre – which asked Forever Active on her behalf.

“It’s been a complete godsend – I can’t thank Quingo enough,” says Sarah. “Scooters are expensive and we couldn’t afford one, but with my daughter just two years old, I was missing out on the important things and couldn’t even take her to nursery. All I had was a small lightweight scooter which couldn’t deal with the countryside roads in my village, or go out in the rain.”

Sarah says the new Quingo has changed everything: “I’ve only just turned 40, and before having Emily I could get around with sticks and even drive. Losing my independence was one of the hardest things to deal with. I need help in so many areas of my life now – but when I’m in the Quingo, I feel independent again. It’s so nice to be able to take her to school and to get out and talk to people again.

“My daughter loves it too – now I can take her to nursery, and she thinks it’s the same as her toy car. When she plays in the garden in her car now, she says: “Mummy, look, I’m in your car!”

Sarah found the Quingo perfect for her – as she’s quite tall, she was surprised at the leg room – and very pleasantly surprised by the design: “I couldn’t believe how stylish it was. And the seat is so comfortable and can be adjusted. I’m quite a tall person too and there’s so much room for me to put my legs out on the footplate. I didn’t feel hunched up at all. It’s so comfortable, which is important when you’re going to be in something for a long time.”

“Really, it’s given me my independence back. I can’t thank Quingo enough.”

20 September 2012

Good-looking get-abouts: excerpt from The Daily Mail, 20.09.12

Mobility Scooters are turning into good-lookers, too, with cool new models inspired by car and motor scooter styling. Most models have four wheels for stability and some lightweight types fold easily into the boot of a car, or can be trollied along like a suitcase when travelling. 

There are also innovative new five-wheel models, which offer extra stability and agility. With these, the position of the adjustable seat and footrests allow you to maintain a more comfortable posture and optimum centre of gravity. And the five wheels make kerb climbing easier, as the outside front wheels stabilise while the large centre wheel gently raises or lowers the vehicle safely. Leading companies will now offer full guidance, training and advice before and after purchase, so that rookie scooter owners can enjoy their newfound freedom, safely and with a good understanding of highway laws.

18 September 2012

“Particularly kind and helpful”

Once again, we’re here to thank our customers and our staff for the great feedback we have received. Mr E.B Gray gave us some professional scrutiny (which we passed!) when he said: 

Our office staff were commended by Mrs M. Batehup in this statement: 

This was further enriched by Mr Allan R.Sims comments:

And, last but not least, we were pleased with what Miss Dot Kelly had to say about her Quingo experience 

Hearing so many kind words and sentiments is something every company strives for, and we at Quingo have been very touched by the feedback. Thank you once again to both the staff who made this happen, and the customers who took the time to give such good feedback.  

14 September 2012

Quingo goes to Rehacare 2012

AVC is proud to announce that Quingo will be on show at Rehacare 2012!

See and try all of the 2012 range including the New Quingo Vitess & Toura which are both now approved by TÜV NORD in Germany, just ask any of the friendly AVC / Quingo Mobilität GmbH Team.

Showcasing our very latest scooters, as last year we hope to take the show by storm, alongside other companies from as far afield as Australia and Vietnam, showcasing our unique 5 wheel offering to international consumers and new potential distributor partners.

Rehacare is a respected and widely recognized international trade fair. It is hosted in Germany, where it has been established for over 30 years. 750 national and international exhibitors are brought together from all across the world to present, discuss and share information regarding rehabilitation, prevention, integration and care for the elderly, disabled and anyone with care requirements or chronic conditions.

We will be sure to post pictures from Germany, and if anyone is going to Rehacare, please come and say hello any time between 10-13 October!

10 September 2012

Quingo has “Real Street Cred”

It’s time again to give yet another thank you to our customers who took the time to give us some wonderful feedback. 

Mr Alan Reeve made us split into a grin when he said: 

Backing up our street cred, Mr Thomas Johns further praised the Quingo’s design: 

Mrs Ethel Harris had this to say about us: 

And finally, we were deeply pleased to see we’re still 
being talked about by Mr T. Greenwood: 

To continue to recieve such positive and high praise has made our day, and we’ll keep striving to keep this feedback coming. Thanks again to everyone who made this a possibility.

30 August 2012

Comfort is king, and Quingo holds the crown!

Quingo logo
Mobility Scooters can look like cumbersome things to get on. Yet when they exist to aid mobility, why shouldn’t they be easily accessible? Quingo Scooters are designed with comfort and accessibility at the forefront. 

Backed by the Davis Associates Anthropometic/Posture review, Quingo Scooters are tailored around you, adjusted and set correctly for every user. The Vitess and the Toura further play on this theme of ultimate comfort, offering a seat slide feature which allows even more access to those with stiff joints or limited leg movement.

Keep the blood flowing, too. No one likes pins and needles, and Quingo scooters come with foot-plates that can be pushed up and down – offering a gentle massage for your muscles and keeping the circulation going.

If you keep your arms on the armrests while driving, there’s no chance of added pressure on your legs and back, and that’s because every scooter comes perfectly adjusted to fit you. Not only that, Quingo offers superior stability and smoother ride with five wheels on the ground. Two independent suspension systems can be adjusted with the Quingo Vitness and Toura, making a bumpy ride just that bit more relaxed.

Just one last jewel for our crown – did you know Quingo scooters have a staggering 80% more foot room than on a vehicle of comparable length?

You can’t beat comfort, and you can’t beat Quingo.

28 August 2012

Quingo Top Ten Air Travel Tips

Quingo Top Tips: Air Travel

Taking your Quingo on a flight, through an airport and enjoying the Quingo advantage at your destination need not be as daunting as you think. This is the first in a series of postings that will help you get the most out of your Quingo. These simple steps will help you prepare your Quingo for the trip, provide guidance on safe transportation and advice for when you are there. 

1. Remove all items from the basket or lockable boxes.
2. Make sure you leave the vehicle with the freewheel lever in the braked or normal position.
3. Always take a spare key with you as it could be mislaid when the vehicle is being placed in the hold.
4. Fix a label to the ignition key and write on the label 'Remove key for flight and attach key to the handle bars'.
5. Make sure the airline staff understand how to fold down the scooter for transport and the location of the freewheel device.
6. All original and authorised replacement batteries for the Quingo range are flight safe. Not all batteries are.
If you have replaced your batteries with an alternate supplier, seek guarantees with that supplier they are flight safe.
7. Don’t forget your battery charger and a suitable plug for the country you are visiting.
8. Check the local laws for driving your vehicle. They are different for each country.
9. If your scooter can be disassembled do not take it apart. Keep the vehicle in one piece.
10. Make sure your vehicle is in fully charged when traveling.

23 August 2012

"The best scooter I’ve ever had"

Once again, a big thank you goes out to all those who took the time to get back to us. Our customers mean the world to us, so it’s always great when we hear stories like those below. 

Mr A Sherman made us smile when he said his Quingo was: 

Our customer service was noted by Mr E. Ruld who said:

Mr G. Lawry added to this with his own kind words:

And, finally, Mr T. Cumming told us that: 

Thank you so much, gentlemen. It’s always fantastic to receive so much positive feedback.

09 August 2012

AMC announces New Quingo distributor for Germany

Quingo Mobilität GmbH

Advantage Marketing Corporation/Quingo UK, the leading provider of 5 Wheel Mobility Scooters, are pleased to announce that they have established a subsidiary company in Germany called Quingo Mobilität GmbH which has the exclusive distribution rights of the Quingo range in Germany. 

Expanding Quingo International operations, Quingo Mobilität GmbH, based in Mönchengladbach, already have a large team that have been fully functional from the beginning of August 2012. "Customers can now take advantage of Quingo’s 5 wheel stability, agility and comfort advantages and we are really pleased to make Quingo more widely available in the German community." Explained General Manager, Rolf Dannehl.

“We are really pleased to offer a great range of 5 wheeled products including two new additions to the range, the TÜV Nord approved Quingo Vitess and Quingo Toura. We can now offer all of Germany clients the same great product range and superb customer care that our parent company in the UK offer.”

This is the latest expansion for Quingo in the European market. Quingo mobility Scooters and services are already distributed in Holland, France, and Belgium and most recently New Zealand.

The UK Quingo team would like to wish all their German colleagues the best of luck in their new venture.

Contact them at:

Quingo Mobilität GmbH
Willicher Damm 133 D-41066 Mönchengladbach
Telefon: 02161 5765 100 Telefax: 02161 5765 111

03 August 2012

“It’s like a family. Nothing is too much trouble"

We’ve continued to receive tremendous feedback from our customers over the past few months. Quingo considers customer service to be central to everything we do, and the lovely messages we consistently receive are the icing on the cake. 

Miss Lesley Jones had this to say about our customer service team: 

Mrs Dorothy Brown echoed this sentiment with her own lovely comments:

We couldn’t help but smile when we read what Mrs Doreen Fullbrook had to say:

Mrs J L Harfleet provided one of our favourite quotes when she told us that:

We’re so happy we could help! A big thank you to everyone who took the time to give such kind feedback, and to all the Quingo staff who provided excellent service.  

16 July 2012

"Your after sales service has been second to none"

Mr.Cleveland kindly took some time to write to us about his new Quingo. We'd like to say a big thank you to Mr.Cleveland and to all of our staff for continuing to provide great service. 

Dear Mr Nicholls

Further to meeting you at East of England Mobility Show Peterborough I would like to thank you very much for the delivery of the above as I stated I have been very pleased with my QuingoAir scooter and your after sales service has been second to none.

It will make an immense difference not having to take the scooter out of my boot every time I charge the batteries up especially knowing that I need to use it frequently.

If anybody asks me about the Quingo I certainly tell them I would definitely recommend to have one.

Once again thanks very much and look forward to many more years with my Quingo.

Kind Regards

Tony Cleveland

05 July 2012

The Red Wheelies at Godmersham Park

Quingo is a proud sponsor of the Red Wheelies, the UK’s premier mobility scooter formation display team. 

Last month, the ladies were out and about at a garden party at the beautiful Godmersham Park in Kent. 

Newest Wheelie Cate and friends

L-R Fran (& Rohan), Kate (& Keith), Jackie (& Dave), Marlene, Sue and Maggie.

The Red Wheelies on the move


29 June 2012

Should mobility scooters drive on the pavements or on the road?

In the UK, the Department of Transport recognises two types of mobility scooter: Class 2 and Class 3. Class 2 scooters have a maximum speed of 4mph and are ideal for pedestrian areas and footpaths. If you want to drive on the road, you will need a Class 3 scooter which has a faster top speed and is specially equipped for road use. Class 3 scooters come with a speed limiter which you must use when the scooter is on the pavement or in a pedestrian area. 

While there is no formal driving test or licensing system for mobility scooters, the Department for Transport recommends that drivers of Class 3 scooters understand the Highway Code and have good enough eyesight to read a number plate at 12.3 metres (40 feet). Quingo also recommends that if you are not used to using the road, a Class 2 scooter may be more suitable.

Quingo takes the safety of customers and all other road users extremely seriously. We insist that everyone who buys a Quingo scooter has first taken and passed a full safety assessment to ensure they have the right scooter for their needs and are able to drive and manoeuvre it safely and with confidence. Training is an essential part of the process.

26 June 2012

Do I need to be able to drive to get a scooter?

Mobility scooters are designed to allow people with limited mobility to easily get from place to place. Unlike cars or other vehicles, there is no legal requirement to pass a driving test or have a driving license.

The Quingo team takes care to ensure that customers get the right scooter for their needs, so all of our customers sit an initial safety assessment to ensure they are confident with the scooter and can operate it safely. If you have never driven before, we will normally recommend a Class 2 scooter for use on pavements and pedestrian areas. Experienced drivers who are confident using the roads may opt for a Class 3 scooter, which has a higher top speed and is specially designed for use on the road as well as pavements.

25 June 2012

Home Health and Mobility based in Tauranga

Quingo NZ has pleasure in announcing that Home Health and Mobility Ltd based in Tauranga (BOP) has become a Quingo Distributor.

Mark Wilkie, General Manager of Quingo NZ said, “We are really pleased that Gary and his company have become a Quingo Distributor for Touranga. The company is very professional and has the same ethics as Quingo NZ, in terms of supplying only a product that is right for the customer's needs.”

Home Health and Mobility Ltd can be found at:

609 Makay Street

and can be contacted on free phone 0508 7266837

22 June 2012

Office star, Julie Fernandez visits Quingo at the Mobility Roadshow

Mark Nicholls talks through the New Quingo 5 Wheel Scooter range with Julie Fernandez who amongst other things starred in Ricky Gervaise's hit comedy 'The Office'.  

Julie officially declared the 3 day event at the Peterborough Arena, East of England Showground open yesterday.

As a campaigner, Julie has called for improved design and technological investment in products that enable people with disabilities - as well as those who become less able with advancing years – to remain independently mobile for as long as possible.

She said: “Anyone like me who needs help to be more mobile will find something at this event that can make a difference to their lives."

The Mobility Roadshow runs until Saturday, June 23 2012 and is the UK’s original and largest consumer mobility and independent living event.

Around 10,000 visitors are expected from across the UK to view the latest products. For more information about the event visit

21 June 2012

Come and see the New Quingo Toura and the Quingo Compact at the Mobility Roadshow

We are proud to introduce the latest additions to the Quingo range: the Quingo Toura and the Quingo Sport. 

Ideal for road or pavement use, the stylish new flagship Toura model is the most powerful, comfortable and dependable scooter yet. With larger diameter wheels, long lasting batteries and and double padded seat for exceptional comfort.

With its petite frame, the lightweight Quingo Compact is the baby of the Quingo family. Perfect for navigating small spaces, the Compact is ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Like its big brothers, the Compact has the comfort and stability you’d expect from a 5 wheel Quingo scooter, while its ingenious design allows it to fit into most small hatchbacks.

We will be at the Mobility Roadshow this week from 21st – 23rd June 2012 at the Peterborough Arena. We’ll have our full range of mobility scooters at the show, including the Toura and Compact. If you’re visiting the show, please stop by stand C15 and say hello.

13 June 2012

Motability ‘One Big Day’ Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire

On Friday 8 and Saturday 9 June 2012, Quingo Mobility Scooters attended the Motability ‘One Big Day’ exhibition at Stoneleigh Park. 

Attendees got first sight of the latest Quingo range, which now includes the all-new Quingo Toura and the new car-transportable Quingo Compact. This is now the biggest Motability event in the year. Unlike other ‘One Big Day’ events, the exhibition is all indoors and has the largest number of cars, adapted vehicles, wheelchair-accessible vehicles (WAVs), scooters and powered wheelchairs of all their events.

30 May 2012

Mobility scooters in the news: Our view

With a number of high profile media commentators discussing potential regulation of mobility scooters, we feel it is important to note our views and observations on the issue. 

Quingo scooters are medical devices which have been designed specifically to help people who have limited mobility. Our customers frequently tell us how owning a Quingo scooter has changed their lives, giving them the freedom and independence to do things that many of us take for granted. It is illegal for someone without a disability to use a mobility scooter. Doing so could be dangerous, inappropriate and upsetting for people who use a scooter in their daily lives. 

The Department of Transport already has a code of practice for the supply of mobility vehicles, with a Class 2 and 3 system in place. Class 3 scooters are equipped to travel at higher speeds than Class 2 scooters and may travel on the road. We believe that any reputable dealer or supplier should carry out assessments at their customers’ homes to ensure that they are safe and suitable to use the product. In our opinion, restricting suppliers’ ability to sell mobility devices over the internet without a thorough assessment taking place would ensure that scooters are supplied safely for the benefit of scooter owners and other road and pavement users.

09 May 2012

Quingo Holland exhibits at 'Support' at Utrecht

News from Quingo Holland: Support at Utrecht

Quingos Dutch distributor Vijfde Wiel are currently exhibiting at the Dutch National Exhibition 'Support at Utrecht'. The show is on from the 9th to 12th May 2012.

This event is a hands-on consumer event, showcasing Dutch mobility innovation. Any visitors to the exhibition are welcome to join us on the stand.

13 April 2012

New Zealanders get their first glimpse of the Quingo range at 'The Big Event'

Quingo New Zealand attended their first exhibition ‘The Big Event’, a health and disability expo which provided opportunities for providers to meet with more than 6000 end users. The Expo hosted over 100 stands and ran over the 9th and 10th March 2012 at the ASB Show grounds in Greenlane, Auckland.

This was the first official event for the Quingo range in the southern hemisphere and the first time potential users had the chance to learn of Quingos’ unique 5 wheel feature set. “We received great feedback regarding our product and the point of difference it offered as the World’s first 5 wheel mobility scooter.” explained Mark Wilkie. “A great start to building awareness here in NZ and something we would certainly like to be involved with again in the future. Well done to the organisers!”

‘The Big Event NZ’ has added to the growing number of international events that Quingo customers are able to enjoy. The UK Quingo Team will be showing all the latest developments across the range in Peterborough on 21-23 June 2012 and European visitors will get the chance to meet the team in Dusseldorf for REHACARE 2012 taking place on 10-13 October.