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Quingo News: All the latest about the Quingo range of 5 wheel mobility scooters.

23 October 2013

Forever Active, Quingo UK distributor - “Comfortable, competent and a joy to ride.”

Lt. Colonel Paterson takes delivery of his compact, transportable Quingo Air

We received an incredibly touching letter from Lt Colonel Howard C. Paterson of Peebleshire this week, who wrote to us after taking delivery of his brand new Quingo Air

Lt. Colonel Paterson, who suffers from chronic sciatica, an agonising spinal condition, noted how impressed he was with the Quingo Air’s ability to tackle the demanding surfaces and gradients of his garden and the nearby village that similar mobility scooters have been unable to handle comfortably. 

Lt. Colonel Paterson also stated how compact and transportable he found his new Quingo Air, having searched for a mobility scooter he could conveniently transport in the boot of his car and easily assemble on arrival at his destination. 

Furthermore, Lt. Colonel Paterson, having had demonstrations of similar mobility scooters many times before expressed his view that the Quingo Air “is by far the best I have ever tried” and that he would “without hesitation, recommend it to anyone who requires a small but robust scooter which is comfortable, competent and a joy to ride.” 

Thank you to Lt. Colonel Paterson for taking the time to write to us with such wonderful feedback. You can read more from Lt. Colonel Paterson’s kind letter in the image below, and if you would like to arrange your own FREE, no obligation demonstration test drive, hear more about the Quingo range or receive a FREE brochure, give our friendly team a call on FREEPHONE 0800 731 3376.  

Lt. Colonel Paterson offers his feedback on the Quingo demonstration and the Quingo Air

08 October 2013

Forever Active, Quingo UK distributor - 10,000 and counting! Thank you for your feedback!

This month the Quingo Team will receive their 10,000th Customer Satisfaction Survey Response and so at this landmark figure, we would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to participate. 

  • From these results, we are very pleased to report that when asked to rate their home assessment & demonstration, the average score from 9650 participants was 9 out of a possible 10. (1 being poor , 10 being excellent) 

Your feedback is valuable to us and helps us improve the service we offer before, during and after sales. 

The survey results go a long way to consistently demonstrate how the Quingo team is helping and what matters to our customers. 

As Mark Nicholls, managing director explains; 

“Buying a mobility scooter is a considered purchase and it is important that we listen and understand what each person wants. Along the process, our team needs to demonstrate and train customers so they feel safe and confident using their scooter. The responses are really motivating and make our job worthwhile. So thank you to everyone that has taken part and here is a snap shot of the feedback we have received”: 

  • Those that did purchase a Quingo mobility vehicle and had previously owned a traditional 3 or 4 wheel mobility scooter, rated the Quingo as follows: 
    • 84% stated that Quingo was much more stable than their previous scooter
    • 83% stated that Quingo was much more manoeuvrable than their previous scooter
    • 93% of customers stated that their Quingo was better or much better than their previous mobility. 

As well as the statistical results these surveys produce it is also great to receive your comments, a sample of which we enclose here:

From those who had an assessment but did not purchase: 

“What can I add to ‘Excellent’?” - Mr. Blennerhassett 

“Really kind and excellent trial - Thank you!” - Mrs. Susan Plant 

“Could not have been more helpful - knowledgeable and caring!” - Mrs. Allistone 

Recent comments about Quingo: 

“If you want the best, it’s got to be a Quingo, the Rolls Royce of Mobility Vehicles.”Mrs. D Stracey

“My husband loves his Quingo; it has made a huge difference to him being independent.” - Mrs. Bridges

“I have been extremely satisfied with the buying process. From the un-pressurised sales adviser to purchasing the scooter, to the helpful delivery man. Nobody made me feel rushed at all. I would recommend the Quingo to anyone.” - Mrs. Tandy 

Recent comments from Engineer visits: 

“You have lovely staff.” - Quingo Plus - Mr. Kilbey 

“I appreciate how much time your Engineers spent with me and how good they were.” - Quingo Vitess - Mrs. Gledhill 

“I knew your engineer was staying close by in a local hotel so I phoned him in the morning so he could demo something to hubby. He was actually in queue for the ferry at this stage but still returned to do this. I must apologise for doing this but he was fantastic.” - Quingo Sport - Mrs. Summers 

Once again, many thanks to all who completed our surveys. If you require any further support from Customer Services please call 01582 430900. 

 If you or someone you know would like to know more about the Quingo range of 5 wheel scooters please call one of our friendly staff today on 0800 731 3376.  

02 October 2013

Forever Active, Quingo UK distributor - “A Credit to Your Firm”

Mr J.D. Duckmanton of Nottinghamshire wrote to us after taking delivery of his Quingo Air. His home demonstration was with one of our friendly representatives, Mr A. Hussain. 

During the free assessment and test drive, Mr Hussain initially ascertained that Mr Duckmanton was both safe and suitable to use a Quingo. He then explained the benefits and abilities of the Quingo Air, and demonstrated to Mr Duckmanton how to safely operate the scooter. Mr Duckmanton noted how thorough Mr Hussain was in his demonstration and thanked him for the pleasant way in which he dealt with the appointment, stating he did not put any pressure on selling. 

Similarly, Mr Duckmanton offered his thanks to another of the Quingo team, Mr Paul Shepherd, who “went to great lengths” to ensure Mr Duckmanton knew how to operate his new Quingo scooter correctly, ensuring the safest and most comfortable driving position. 

The Quingo team "went to great lengths" to ensure Mr Duckmanton knew how to operate his Quingo Air.

We pride ourselves in continuing to provide the highest level of service at every opportunity from assessment, advise and training, through to servicing and aftercare. If you’d like to arrange a FREE, no obligation test drive, hear more about the Quingo range or receive a FREE brochure, please don’t hesitate to call our friendly team on FREEPHONE 0800 731 3376.