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Quingo News: All the latest about the Quingo range of 5 wheel mobility scooters.

25 July 2013

Is your traditional scooter this comfortable?

Here’s another short movie from our ‘Feature Highlight’ series, which focuses on the comfort and posture advantages of the Quingo Scooter range, which combine to make every journey as comfortable and effortless as possible. 

So far we have showcased the agility, manoeuvrability and stability advantages of a 5 wheel scooter when compared to their traditional 3 or 4 wheel counterparts. Independent testing revealed that the 5 wheel Quingo had a smaller turning radius than comparable length 4 wheel equivalents in every case.

In this movie, we look at how adopting a healthy and comfortable sitting position on any scooter is only possible when all permutations of adjustment are available and set correctly for each individual. Whilst many 3 and 4 wheel scooters have some of these adjustments, the Quingo range has them all. This data is backed by the Davis Associates Anthropometric/Posture review. This adaptability means precisely the right scooter for you whether you are 4’ or 6’6” (122cm to 198cm). 

The typical foot area on a traditional 4 wheeler is approximately 33cm (13"). With the Quingo Classic as an example, it is up-to 59cm (23"). A staggering 80% more foot area than on a vehicle of comparable length. The entire range also enjoys 'intuitive feet forward position'. On top of this, Quintell Adaptive foot-plates offer leg independent adjustment in multiple planes to ensure a safe, natural and comfortable ride whatever your dimensions. 

Comfort means having controls exactly where you want them. The Quingo's dampened quick release steering column allows the steering controls to be set at precisely the right angle and distance. The Quingo Vitess and Toura also feature self levelling tiller controls with digital easy read illuminated displays. Release the latch located under the throttle control and the entire steering column smoothly swings away for easy access on or off the vehicle.

The Quingos remarkably smooth ride and dynamic stability is enhanced further on the mid and long range models by two independent suspension systems. The front system complements Quintell’s unique stability technology while the rear arrangement is assisted by a duel spring system fixed directly to the sub frame. The Quingo Vitess and Toura suspension features adjustable settings that can be adapted to users’ requirements. The result is a smooth, cushioned sensation minimizing the lumps and bumps of every day driving.

These are just some of the comfort features of Quingo. Enjoy our short video and if you would like more information about other features or receive a free brochure, please call our friendly team today on FREEPHONE 0800 731 3376.  

18 July 2013

The Stig tests Quingo to its limits!

The Mobility Roadshow is now over for another year and in their 30th year, what an event it was! The event once again provided a one-stop shop with a wide range of advice and products for those with restricted mobility and their carers. 

Thanks for everyone who came along to the Quingo/Age UK stand and especially those who participated in our ‘Blue Diamond Driver Safety Campaign’. We hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as the Quingo team did! 

The event has once again been heralded a huge success by visitors and exhibitors alike. This year was Quingo’s most successful show to date, and with Telford proving such a popular location even The Stig was in attendance showing off some of his driving and manoeuvring skills! 

Like so many attendees, The Stig sat his ‘Blue Diamond Driver Check’ –and perhaps not surprisingly passed with flying colours! He can now proudly display his ‘Blue Diamond’ badge on his scooter to prove that he meets the required driving standard. 

The ‘Blue Diamond Driver Check’ is part of the new joint National Scooter Safety Campaign which provides a safety and capability assessment and is free with every test drive of any of the Quingo range. This is part of the new working relationship between Quingo and Age UK to promote safer, more comfortable and confident scooter driving. 

The team showcased the full range of Quingo products and services, imparted valuable advice and tips along with providing test drives and other hands on experiences to aid anyone looking to purchase a mobility scooter. 

 It was very rewarding to see so many scooter users being able to test drive Quingo and experience all the unique 5 wheel features. We know from our customer feedback that this is by far the best way to appreciate the Quingo’s amazing stability, agility and comfort advantages. 

We would like to thank everyone who came to see us at the show, we look forward to reconnecting you to your community, family and friends and we’d also like to thank our colleagues from AgeUK, especially Hugh Forde for helping to launch our ‘Blue Diamond Driver Check’ and everyone in the Quingo team that made it such a rewarding event. 

For more information on any of the Quingo 5 Wheel Scooter range, please give us a call on Freephone 0800 731 3376 and our friendly team will be more than happy to help.