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Quingo News: All the latest about the Quingo range of 5 wheel mobility scooters.

26 October 2012

The envy of her neighbours

Thank you to all our customers for the lovely feedback we’ve received again. All your kind comments bring a smile to all the faces here at Quingo.

Mrs J Tooth’s new Quingo has her neighbours feeling scooter envy:  

Mr M A Cleasby put it quite simply:: 

And Mrs L Wood noted the consideration given by the Quingo office staff:

Thank you to all of our customers who take the time to give us such lovely feedback. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do and we are always humbled to hear your positive thoughts and feelings. 

23 October 2012

Quingo's European adventure


The Quingo team was out and about in Dusseldorf earlier this month. Here’s a quick peek behind the scenes from the team at REHACARE.

17 October 2012


We wanted to take some time to acknowledge the fantastic comments given by some of our customers again. Everyone here at Quingo loves to hear of the positive experiences we are creating for our customers.

Mr R Connolly expresses his gratitude and we couldn't be more thankful for his fantastic feedback: 

Mrs S Edwards is another proud Quingo owner: 

And Mrs J L Harfleet wouldn't change a thing!

As always, the time taken by our customers to give us such positive feedback is greatly appreciated. The satisfaction of each and every one of you is so important to everyone at Quingo and we will continue to focus on giving fantastic customer service to make sure the praise keeps coming in.  

15 October 2012

A united Quingo in Europe

The Quingo team at Rehacare
The Quingo Sales and distribution team from across Europe are united at Rehacare 2012. With several new regions on their way, the international team show the very latest in Quingo's 5 wheel Scooter range and offer demonstrations explaining the 5 wheel benefits.

As more distributors join the Quingo network, more and more customers from all over the world can now begin to enjoy the stability, agility and comfort advantages that the range offers as well as a consistently high level of customer support.

Anyone unable to make the show but interested in talking to the team can do so by emailing

04 October 2012

5 wheel Quingo mobility scooter debuts in ITV’s Emmerdale

Emmerdale’s Sandy Thomas (played by Freddie Jones) has this week acquired a 5 Wheel Quingo Vitess mobility scooter – which will be a lifeline for Sandy’s character. As for all Quingo users, the scooter will be a welcome and safe means of remaining independent for Sandy, allowing him to stay involved with all the social goings on in the village.

Emmerdale has the scooter on permanent loan from Forever Active, the UK’s exclusive distributor of Quingo mobility scooters. Emmerdale contacted Forever Active directly and Group Marketing Manager Paul Benzie met props manager David Cowan, the Directors of the show and actor Freddie Jones on-set to help select the right scooter for the character. The Quingo Vitess, which is an 8mph, long range model was a great fit that can easily cope with the rugged terrain of the Dales as well as being nimble enough for the village stores.

Mark Nicholls, Managing Director at Forever Active, says: “A Quingo scooter is perfect for a character like Sandy – Becoming less mobile doesn’t mean you need to lose your independence and a Quingo can safely help you to get around, keep up with friends and family and remain part of the community – important in a small, close-knit town like Emmerdale.
To find out more about the Quingo Vitess in the UK call free on 0800 085 7555 and for those who missed the debut, viewers can keep up to date at or watch it on ITV on week day evenings at 7pm.

01 October 2012

Young mum regains her independence thanks to Quingo

Sarah Pile was coping well with her MS – until she had her daughter Emily two years ago. Since the pregnancy, Sarah’s condition worsened and her independence diminished. She became wheelchair-bound and increasingly reliant on the help of carers.

But last Monday, Forever Active delivered a new 5 wheel Quingo Plus with a rain canopy to Sarah, on permanent long-term loan. The gift was the result of a campaign by her Multiple Sclerosis Centre – the Kent MS Therapy Centre – which asked Forever Active on her behalf.

“It’s been a complete godsend – I can’t thank Quingo enough,” says Sarah. “Scooters are expensive and we couldn’t afford one, but with my daughter just two years old, I was missing out on the important things and couldn’t even take her to nursery. All I had was a small lightweight scooter which couldn’t deal with the countryside roads in my village, or go out in the rain.”

Sarah says the new Quingo has changed everything: “I’ve only just turned 40, and before having Emily I could get around with sticks and even drive. Losing my independence was one of the hardest things to deal with. I need help in so many areas of my life now – but when I’m in the Quingo, I feel independent again. It’s so nice to be able to take her to school and to get out and talk to people again.

“My daughter loves it too – now I can take her to nursery, and she thinks it’s the same as her toy car. When she plays in the garden in her car now, she says: “Mummy, look, I’m in your car!”

Sarah found the Quingo perfect for her – as she’s quite tall, she was surprised at the leg room – and very pleasantly surprised by the design: “I couldn’t believe how stylish it was. And the seat is so comfortable and can be adjusted. I’m quite a tall person too and there’s so much room for me to put my legs out on the footplate. I didn’t feel hunched up at all. It’s so comfortable, which is important when you’re going to be in something for a long time.”

“Really, it’s given me my independence back. I can’t thank Quingo enough.”