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01 September 2016

Gordon is in his Prime on his Quingo Flyte!

Gordon Prime holds the Legion D'honneur for his bravery in the D-Day landings where he drove an ammunition truck onto the beach and was a dispatch rider.
Gordon recently became a proud owner of a Quingo Flyte owner and visited a local airshow on it where he was photographed on his scooter next to a legendary Spitfire fighter, which he very kindly sent to Quingo. He tells us that it has returned his freedom and that he is once again able to get out and about again, and if anyone deserves to get their independence back it is one of our heroes!
In the years following the war Gordon worked in the motor industry and was involved various innovative developments and we are therefore very chuffed that he is so impressed with the engineering of the Flyte self loading portable mobility scooter, praise indeed!