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Quingo News: All the latest about the Quingo range of 5 wheel mobility scooters.

25 November 2015

Quingo makes show stopping debut at the India Rehab & Care Expo 2015

In India Rehabilitation is fast emerging as an essential component of healthcare's landscape of services. Medical and rehabilitation technology has worked continuously, driven by the demand from the market to create products and services that help make life easier for the people who are affected by a disability. Extremely well attended the India Rehab & Care Expo 2015 in Mumbai was for the first time attended by Quingo’s exclusive Indian distributor, Five Wheels Private Limited. 

The show which ran from 19th -21st November 2015 marked a spectacular debut for Quingo at the show, stealing the limelight and many of the shows attendees. 

Bram van den Boom, Director of Five Wheels Private Limited was very pleased with the Expo. “From nearly 100 stands we had one of the largest, most professional booths and it got us most of the attention too with both press, visitors and delegates. We were inundated with requests for dealerships, it was a most exceptional debut for Quingo in India. 

There was a wide range of products and services on show from primary care, to aids for robotic mobility, assistive technologies and equipment for visually, hearing and speech impaired that is now available to assist in many areas. The Quingo stand featured the recently launched Quingo Air 2 with it’s brand new optional extender pack, plus the unique self-lifitng Quingo Flyte which was installed in a car as part of the stand. Completing the range for India was the original Quingo Classic and the new Quingo Vitess 2 with its brand new optional Rear View Camera and display. 

The show has helped the Quingo brand establish itself in India as well as build an ecosystem which not only enables people but promotes strong growth in this sector. Congratulations to the entire team involved!  

19 November 2015

Five Wheels PVT Exhibiting Quingos at India Rehab & Care Expo

Five Wheels PVT Ltd are at the India Rehab & Care Expo for the next three days. You can find them on stall B1. 
They are promoting the Quingo Flyte, Air 2, Classic and Vitess 2.
Best of luck guys!

17 November 2015

Forever Active, Quingo UK distributor - Winter Deals

Quingo Winter Season Deals 

Freedom is such an essential part of our lives and it’s only when it is gone, for whatever reason, that you realise how important and vital it really is. Thankfully, it is now easier than ever to keep your independence this winter with Quingo, a unique range of 5 wheel personal mobility scooters, with enhanced stability, unequalled agility and full ergonomic posture control providing superior comfort, even on longer trips. 

Now is a great time to get a Quingo with our Special Extras Offer. To help you get through winter safely and with confidence and comfort we are giving away £500 worth of free extras on all our non-portable models and extras worth up to £200 on our portable range. You can choose any combination you like including, 3 years insurance and recovery packages, all weather canopies, heated handlbars plus many more but this offer ends 24th December 2015.* 

Quingo Toura 2

Offer 1: 
All Weather Canopy worth £295 (SP41) 
Heated handlebars worth £150 (SP60) 
Puncture Sealant worth £55 (SP19) 
All for FREE and no cost for fitting! 

Offer 2: 
All Weather Canopy worth £295 (SP41) 
Rear View Camera worth £199 (SP65) 
All for FREE and no cost for fitting! 

Offer 3: 
Heated handlebars worth £150 (SP60) 
Rear View Camera worth £199 (SP65) 
X-Large Front Basket worth £45 (SP52) 
All for FREE and no cost for fitting! 

View on website

Quingo Vitess 2

Offer 1: 
All Weather Canopy worth £295 (SP40) 
Heated handlebars worth £150 (SP60) 
Puncture Sealant worth £55 (SP19) 
All for FREE and no cost for fitting! 

Offer 2: 
All Weather Canopy worth £295 (SP41) 
Rear View Camera worth £199 (SP65) 
All for FREE and no cost for fitting! 

Offer 3: 
Heated handlebars worth £150 (SP60) 
Rear View Camera worth £199 (SP65) 
X-Large Front Basket worth £45 (SP52) 
All for FREE and no cost for fitting! 

View on website

Quingo Classic

Offer 1: 
All Weather Canopy worth £595 (SP25) 
FREE and no cost for fitting! 

Offer 2: 
Rear Shopping Bag worth £70 (SP6) 
Puncture Sealant worth £55 (SP19) 
High-Vis Jacket worth £70 (SP50) 
All for FREE and no cost for fitting! 

View on website

Quingo Plus

Offer 1: 
All Weather Canopy worth £595 (SP25) 
FREE and no cost for fitting! 

Offer 2: 
Rear Shopping Bag worth £70 (SP6) 
Puncture Sealant worth £55 (SP19) 
High-Vis Jacket worth £70 (SP50) 
All for FREE and no cost for fitting! 

View on website

Quingo Air2

Offer 1: 
Range Extender Pack worth £199 (SP38) 
FREE and no cost for fitting! 

Offer 2: Rear Shopping Bag worth £70 (SP6) 
Storage Cover worth £60 (SP7) 
High-Vis Jacket worth £70 (SP50) 
All for FREE and no cost for fitting! 

View on website

Quingo Flyte

Offer 1: 
Range Extender Pack worth £199 (SP38) 
FREE and no cost for fitting! 

Offer 2: Shopping Basket worth £49 (SP61) 
Flip-up Armrests worth £99 (SP62) 
All for FREE and no cost for fitting! 

View on website

Winter Promotion: 9th Nov-24th Dec 2015 No other offers/part exchanges can be used in conjunction with this special promotion. Offer ends Christmas Eve, 24th December 2015 and those taking advantage of the offer must take delivery before 31st December. 2015 Offer 1: 

*Some extras are only be available on specific models. Quingo Air 2 and Flyte qualify for up to £200 worth of extras, Quingo Classic, Plus Vitess 2 and Toura 2 qualify for up to £500. No other discounts/part exchanges apply. 

16 October 2015

Forever Active, Quingo UK distributor - Comments from our valued customers

Customer satisfaction is our main consideration at Quingo and we like to make sure our customers journey is pleasurable from start to finish. We follow up on every home assessment visit we make and every scooter we sell to make sure everyone is happy here are a few nice comments we have had lately.

09 October 2015

Five Wheels Private Ltd to feature Quingos - India Rehab Expo

5 Wheels India

Five Wheels Private Ltd will be at the India Rehab & Care Expo this November. You can find them on stall B1.

They will be promoting the Quingo Flyte, Air 2, Classic and Vitess 2.
They have a very eye-catching presentation for their stall.

01 October 2015

Quingo - helping around the world!

A video from our dutch distributor here is an translation to English

00:12 -> 00:15
I’ve had surgery,
First ive had a hernia surgery.

00:16 -> 00:19
That went wrong.
Then I went to a clinic

00:19 -> 00:24
in Germany for surgery.
When I woke up from anesthesia,

00:24 -> 00:28
I had a spinal cord injury.
I could hardly walk.

00:29 -> 00:32
Every now and then I walk a little bit.

00:32 -> 00:36
Here too, but then I have
terrible pain on my feet.

00:36 -> 00:41
I’m really happy to have
a mobility scooter,

00:41 -> 00:43
because otherwise, I cant go anywhere.

00:55 -> 01:00
I ended up with Quingo
Because off a commercial on tv.

01:00 -> 1:04
I used to have a mobility scooter,
but with it, I would turn over.

1:04 -> 1:08
That was very dangerous.
Then I saw you could ask

1:08 -> 1:12
for a free test drive.
And so I did.

01:18 -> 01:21
-Why did you choose Quingo?

01:21 -> 01:30
Well, because it was advertised I could try it out first.

01:31 -> 01:36
I thought it drove fantastic.
And I felt so safe in there.

01:37 -> 01:44
Also I have to say, the mechanics and everybody, were very friendly.

01:44 -> 01:49
Every time I called, they came to help me.
They always came immediately.

01:50 -> 01:53
I wouldn’t want any other mobility scooter.

2:11 -> 02:13
Why do you think the chapel so

02:14 -> 02:19
That part of nature,
it is so beautiful in my opinion.

02:20 -> 02:24
I can’t go into the church anymore,
but there I can just sit in the outdoors.

02:25 -> 02:29
And then you kind off have the idea,
that once again you have been

02:29 -> 02:35
to church.
Also, when you are around there,

02:35 -> 02:38
you have contact with
other people.

02:48 -> 02:56
I feel safe in a Quingo because
I have no problems with it at all.

2:56 -> 3:01
When I had the one from my municipality,
I felt really unsafe.

3:02 -> 3:06
With that one I fell twice.

03:08 -> 03:14
And once I was thrown out of it.
With the Quingo mobility scooter I’ve never

3:14 -> 3:19 a.m.
had a problem, no slipping
or anything.

03:21 -> 03:24
The suspension in the chair, everything is

03:25 -> 03:28
Also it is perfectly adjusted.

3:29 -> 03:34
They are very precisely with that.
And I find that very important.

03:35 -> 03:38
That is why I feel so
safe in a Quingo.

30 September 2015

New Air 2 Video

This video really shows just how easy the new "All White" Air 2 is to take apart. 

27 August 2015

The NEW Air 2 is here!

The Quingo Air 2 is as simple as ever to transport and easily dismantles into the boot of even small cars in less than 60 seconds. It's heaviest component is just 26.8kg and can be wheeled along with it's own carry handle. Dismantling and assembly is both practical and quick and customers love the combination of performance, comfort and portability.

New features include:

Extended Range Option
Users can now charge and use up to 4 x 15 Ah batteries simultaneously for up to 18 miles on a single charge which is nearly double the range of the previous model.

Off Vehicle Charging Option

The benefit of 2 x 15Ah onboard batteries and two additional 15 Ah batteries charged remotely, away from the vehicle.

All New Dash Layout
WEith new illuminated fuel gauge, new matt black anti-glare finish, new high security ignition system and new improved throttle action.

Anti-Slip Adaptive-Footplates
Independently adjustable forward and backward, up and down and at any angle, the new Anti-Slip surface provides precisely the right posture no matter your height or leg length.

New Armrest Adjust
Larger, easier to use thumb screws make minor adjustments easier than ever.

Not just an ordinary portable scooter:

Enhanced 5 wheel stability
3 wheel, first generation portable scooters while agile are simply not as stable as 4 wheel portables. Using British designed 5 wheel Quintell technology means stability in its own class, vital for slopes, hills and when using kerbs.

Superior comfort & posture control
Adopting a healthy posture is a critical element when selecting any mobility vehicle. Quingo is the only scooter range that offers adaptive footplates and full ergonomic posture control, providing superior comfort even on longer journeys. The feet forward configuation of Quingo means taller customers or those with stiff joints can comfortably be catered for in a portable vehicle that is just 107 cm long.

Unequalled agility and tighter turning

In independent research the 5 wheel Quingo is proven to be more manoeuvrable than any other 4 wheel scooter of comparable length available today. It means safer agility in small local shops and malls or in any area where space is limited.

Safer kerb handling - even at angles
Kerbs are an unavoidable menace to any scooter rider. Only the Quingo 5 wheel system offers the ability to climb and descend kerbs at angles. In addition Quingo’s patented Kerbmaster not only prevents tipping but also eliminates beaching with it's auto-powered drive system.

Not just an ordinary specification:

An infinately adjustable, easy lock tiller
A fully padded 'Comfort Plus' seat with armrests
Swivel function, front/back slide and height adjustment
New height and width adjustable padded armrests
All round lightweight alloy wheels
Front and back large pneumatic tyres
Chassis mounted basket for lighter steering
3 year manufacturers warranty

All in all the new Quingo Air 2 is an unbeatable combination of safety benefits, performance, style and now offering even better value.

For those oaf you with the original Air, now is a good time to sell them!

Get full specification at

17 August 2015

Forever Active, Quingo UK distributor - Some lovely feedback for our in field assessors

Mrs P M Colclough
"My husband and I were informed and shown the Quingo Classic, which is great, really comfortable, just the right size and very easy to handle. Thank you, and a big thank you to Mr Steve Carter showing us the Classic Quingo, we have now ordered one!"
Quingo Classic
Mrs Joyce Laing
"We were very pleased with Paul the mobility advisor. He was very explicit and explained everything twice. His manner made us feel relaxed and cam over very well. He even listened to our comments."
Quingo Flyte
Mrs Jean Tock
"Mr Breden was very informative about your firm and products. He is very well mannered. I live alone but was soon at ease and able to concentrate. I enjoyed ever minute of the talk and test."
Quingo Plus
Eric R Griggs
"After two years of observation, I have concluded that a quingo is the safest vehicle for me. I was not pressured into buying."
Quingo Vitess
Ray Bell
"Compared with Eden Mobility it was like driving a Rolls Royce! Very comfortable, just a quality product, well pleased, thank you."
Quingo Vitess
Mary Gower
"Terry was very patient as I had previously had a fall on my 3 wheel scooter and was very nervous. However I enjoyed this test and look forward to my new scooter's arrival. Terry was very helpful & thorough."
Quingo Air
Kenneth Watson
"An exceptional performance throughout, from his early arrival to departure. Steve was courteous, friendly without being 'pushy', listened to us and answered all queries throughout. As pleasant a way of spending £3000 as I have experienced!"
Quingo Air
Miss J Maguire
"Nothing was too much trouble for Tim. He had the answers to all the questions I asked. Made the whiol;e process easy. I felt confident I have made a good decision."
Quingo Plus

28 July 2015

India's exclusive Quingo distributor expands

India's exclusive distributer of Quingo mobility scooters FiveWheels Pvt.Ltd are expanding their distribution and demonstration fleets with brand new vans. AVC are delighted that our distributors are growing and experiencing profitable times!
You can contact them here
Five Wheels Pvt. Ltd. 
Plot No. 311, Survey No. 197, Block GA 
NPR Complex, Hoody Village, K.R. Puram Hobli 
Bangalore – 560048, Karnataka, India 

05 June 2015

The UK Quingo team present award for 'Best Limited Mobility Provider' at 2015 Silver Travel Awards

The first Silver Travel Awards took place yesterday and Quingo Scooters are delighted to announce that Warner Leisure Hotels were awarded the Quingo sponsored Best Limited Mobility/Accessible Travel Provider Award. 

Silver Travel Awards 

The Silver Travel Awards are an event celebrating and recognising achievements in the mature travel market. The event took place last night (June 4th) at the Dinosaur Gallery of the Natural History Museum in London. Broadcaster and ex-royal correspondent Jennie Bond greeted nominees and winners at the ceremony. 

Silver Travel Advisor asked its users to vote for their favourite holiday companies and destinations; and for hotels or B&Bs which gave them a special experience. For Quingo’s award, this was any companies or destinations that really excelled in accessibility and making it as accommodating as possible for you and your Quingo. 

Mark Nicholls, Managing Director of Forever Active, Quingo’s Exclusive UK distributor presented the award to Tony Ineson Marketing Manager of Warner Leisure Hotels. “Obviously we are very happy to be involved with this particular award. Being able to take your Quingo or any mobility scooter away with you on holiday is something that makes a huge difference to those who rely on them and enjoying new places and staying in accommodation that makes the extra effort should be acknowledged.” 

 “We are thrilled that this year’s winner is Warner Leisure and we encourage them and everyone else in the industry to do everything they can to continue the good work.” 

 Best Limited Mobility/Accessible Travel Provider Award 

The shortlist for the award was announced, and for the Quingo’s Best Limited Mobility Award the nominees were: 
• MSC Cruises 
• Saga 
• P&O Cruises 
• Cunard 
• Warner Leisure Hotels 

This award in particular is special to Quingo because it recognises companies and destinations that work harder to make sure facilities are available for all. Improving accessibility is important to us at Quingo and these companies deserve to be commended for helping mobility scooter users enjoy their holiday. 

Warner Leisure Hotels Warner Leisure Hotels are located in some of the UK's most picturesque and historic areas. They offer accommodation including six Grade I or II listed historic hotels in beautiful countryside locations. They also run day time activities such as tennis, archery, gyms and spa’s. They have a wide range of dining options and are a host of live entertainment. Warner are happy to provide advice and assistance for guests with limited mobility and recommend you contact them beforehand to ensure the best possible advice is given. 

More information about accessibility can be found on their website. The Quingo team would like to congratulate Warner Leisure Hotels on the well-deserved award.  


27 May 2015

Quingo - a hit with both teens and seniors in Sweden

Swedish audiences in Vänersborg have just had their first taste of the 5 wheel Quingo phenomenon at two special events attended by AVCs, exclusive Swedish Quingo distributor Promenix Solutions.

The first show was ‘Older Fair 2015’, which as the name suggests focuses on the needs of a more senior audience. Johan Hellgren of Promenix explains “Older Fair was a great success for us and Quingo, with a constant stream of interested mature people, both private and professionals visiting the stand. The Quingo Flyte, our self-loading portable was a massive hit. No-one had ever seen anything like it. We set up the Flyte in a Ford Fiesta and so many were amazed that such a powerful scooter was able to fit into such a small space. Some people even mistook it to be a lawn-mower at first and were even more surprised when we unloaded a full size mobility scooter.”

Also on the Promenix stand was the recently launched Quingo Vitess 2, one of the new, most advanced flagship models, fitted with the very popular ‘Q-Cam‘ which is a rear view camera option that provides users with all round vision in any direction of travel’. Johan again “The Vitess 2 was the model that most people wanted to try ‘hands-on’ and everyone who did, came back smiling after the test drive. As if to highlight the agility and ergonomic advantages of the Vitess, next to our stand was a traditional 4-wheel scooters company that happily provided the perfect comparison”

Sweden's second show was ‘Tillsammans’ which means ‘Together’ and aims to inspire young people with disabilities with alternative leisure activities across a broad range of areas, including music, dance and fashion and including mobility.

Johan continues “The Together Fair was quite another story, here, although still a very enthusiastic audience, nearly all were teenagers. Here, the organisers put up a 256m2 track marked up with cones for users to try products for themselves and here, the real difference between Quingo and standard scooters became even more obvious. It surprised me more than once how engaged and interested young users and their helpers were with Quingo, many of whom just kept coming back... and not just for the sweets.” 
Everyone in the AVC team would like to congratulate Promenix Solutions on the success of both shows and fantastic impact they are already making in their territory.

You can find out more about Promenix-Solutions here and more about the Quingo Flyte here.  

24 April 2015

Quingo Flyte Wins Top International Innovation Award

The Quingo Flyte, AVC’s recently launched, self-loading, portable mobility scooter has just won the best innovation award at the REVA EXPO held in Ghent, Belgium.

The exhibition runs from 23-25 April 2015 and showcases the very latest developments and innovation for the elderly and disabled.

The REVAnueva Award is a contest for the most innovative product or service for the sector and this after being nominated, the Quingo Flyte, we are very please to say, has beome the Expo’s outright winner.

More than 150 exhibitors are a participating at this years REVA and has 15,000 visitors viewing the latest products and services from young to old, from people with a limited disability to those with more profound impairments.

The Quingo Flyte is just one of a range of 5 wheel scooters that offer customers enhanced stability, unequalled agility and full ergonomic posture control that provides improved comfort even on longer journeys.

The Flyte itself is a portable 5 wheel model specifically designed to give those with any kind of walking difficulty the opportunity to take a full performance scooter with them in their car without the need of any heavy lifting.

The Flyte uses a lightweight docking station and ramps to remotely load and unload the scooter in and out of most hatchbacks, estates, SUVs and 4x4s with ease and all in under 60 seconds.

The scooter already enjoying unprecedented success in the UK is now available in several European countries including Holland, Germany, Spain, Sweden and now of course Belgium.

AVC would like to congratulate their exclusive Belgium distributor, Mobiscoot and all its staff for their great success at the show and wish them well for the remainder of the Expo. For more information on distribution opportunities click here  

02 April 2015

Forever Active, Quingo UK distributor - Some lovely feedback for our in field assessors

Forever Active, the UK's Exclusive Distributor of Quingo receive fantastic feedback daily from their customers. Here is some examples of the amazing feedback:

Mrs Thorpe, Quingo Plus - " I do two journeys a week on my scooter and it has made all the difference in the world for me".

Mr Garratt, Quingo Flyte - "I'm getting on well with my scooter. There are 4 or 5 seaside places that I'm looking forward to visiting this summer".

Mrs James, Quingo Compact - "My scooter is absolutely brilliant. It's nice to get out and about".


17 March 2015

Forever Active, Quingo UK distributor - Customer comments on Quingo mobility scooters

Forever Active, the UK's Exclusive Distributor of Quingo receive fantastic feedback daily from their customers. Here is some examples of the amazing feedback: 

Mrs Haslam - on behalf of his wife, Mr Haslam said "We are both very pleased with it. Your service department is very good and Amanda has been particularly helpful".

Mr Sanderson - "It is brilliant! It's the best scooter I have ever had". 

Mrs Heap - "It is lovely. My family is very pleased with it".