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Quingo News: All the latest about the Quingo range of 5 wheel mobility scooters.

18 March 2011

How stable are the competition?

Quingo - Safety and comfort reinvented
The results of the latest independent testing of the Quingo range against competitor products are in.

The report was carried out by a leading systems and engineering technology company Frazer-Nash Consultancy. The tests carried out stability analysis for three manoeuvres that are representative of day-to-day use and were selected as those most likely to induce a vehicle tip over.

Products on test were the 5 wheel Quingo Sport and the new Quingo Vitess while the competitor products were the Booster Trophy, the Handicare Winner and Merits S133, all of which are 3-wheeled vehicles. The test comprised of the following scenarios:

Scenario 1: Turning at full-lock on the flat (at a range of speeds) on a flat surface.
In this test both the Quingo Vitess and Sport were shown to be significantly more stable on the flat regardless of the speed.

Scenario 2: Turning at full-lock on an incline (at a range of speeds) on a 1:6 inclined surface. This test showed the same outcome with the Quingo’s by far the the most stable however the margin of advantage with 5 wheels widened further.

Scenario 3: Descending a kerb at an angle( at a range of kerb heights)
THis final test reveals that both the Quingo models are able to descend the highest kerbs without tipping while the 3-wheel models all tip at significantly lower heights .

In summary, this latest report further demonstrates the genuine benefits of the 5 wheel Quingo over traditional mobility scooters. To get a copy of the full report please contact us.

16 March 2011

Quingo products achieve TUV approval

Quingo - Safety and comfort reinvented
The all new Quingo Vitess and its larger brother the Quingo Sport have been single vehicle certificated for TUV approval at TUV Rhineland Cologne. TUV is recognised as the premier approval for safety and quality in over 50 countries world wide.

The TUV test encompasses the quality of build which includes the durability of components, welding quality, removal of sharp or dangerous edges, ergonomic design in terms of safety/operation and correct lighting and labelling. The vehicles must also conform to the Vehicle Licensing Order (FZV - German Specification).

Fred Brown of Advanced Vehicle Concepts commented "The team are delighted that these products are now approved, it means a lot of new opportunities and a great future for the Quingo. The Quingo range is truly the "Best in Class" in the world markets."