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Quingo News: All the latest about the Quingo range of 5 wheel mobility scooters.

29 June 2012

Should mobility scooters drive on the pavements or on the road?

In the UK, the Department of Transport recognises two types of mobility scooter: Class 2 and Class 3. Class 2 scooters have a maximum speed of 4mph and are ideal for pedestrian areas and footpaths. If you want to drive on the road, you will need a Class 3 scooter which has a faster top speed and is specially equipped for road use. Class 3 scooters come with a speed limiter which you must use when the scooter is on the pavement or in a pedestrian area. 

While there is no formal driving test or licensing system for mobility scooters, the Department for Transport recommends that drivers of Class 3 scooters understand the Highway Code and have good enough eyesight to read a number plate at 12.3 metres (40 feet). Quingo also recommends that if you are not used to using the road, a Class 2 scooter may be more suitable.

Quingo takes the safety of customers and all other road users extremely seriously. We insist that everyone who buys a Quingo scooter has first taken and passed a full safety assessment to ensure they have the right scooter for their needs and are able to drive and manoeuvre it safely and with confidence. Training is an essential part of the process.

26 June 2012

Do I need to be able to drive to get a scooter?

Mobility scooters are designed to allow people with limited mobility to easily get from place to place. Unlike cars or other vehicles, there is no legal requirement to pass a driving test or have a driving license.

The Quingo team takes care to ensure that customers get the right scooter for their needs, so all of our customers sit an initial safety assessment to ensure they are confident with the scooter and can operate it safely. If you have never driven before, we will normally recommend a Class 2 scooter for use on pavements and pedestrian areas. Experienced drivers who are confident using the roads may opt for a Class 3 scooter, which has a higher top speed and is specially designed for use on the road as well as pavements.

25 June 2012

Home Health and Mobility based in Tauranga

Quingo NZ has pleasure in announcing that Home Health and Mobility Ltd based in Tauranga (BOP) has become a Quingo Distributor.

Mark Wilkie, General Manager of Quingo NZ said, “We are really pleased that Gary and his company have become a Quingo Distributor for Touranga. The company is very professional and has the same ethics as Quingo NZ, in terms of supplying only a product that is right for the customer's needs.”

Home Health and Mobility Ltd can be found at:

609 Makay Street

and can be contacted on free phone 0508 7266837

22 June 2012

Office star, Julie Fernandez visits Quingo at the Mobility Roadshow

Mark Nicholls talks through the New Quingo 5 Wheel Scooter range with Julie Fernandez who amongst other things starred in Ricky Gervaise's hit comedy 'The Office'.  

Julie officially declared the 3 day event at the Peterborough Arena, East of England Showground open yesterday.

As a campaigner, Julie has called for improved design and technological investment in products that enable people with disabilities - as well as those who become less able with advancing years – to remain independently mobile for as long as possible.

She said: “Anyone like me who needs help to be more mobile will find something at this event that can make a difference to their lives."

The Mobility Roadshow runs until Saturday, June 23 2012 and is the UK’s original and largest consumer mobility and independent living event.

Around 10,000 visitors are expected from across the UK to view the latest products. For more information about the event visit

21 June 2012

Come and see the New Quingo Toura and the Quingo Compact at the Mobility Roadshow

We are proud to introduce the latest additions to the Quingo range: the Quingo Toura and the Quingo Sport. 

Ideal for road or pavement use, the stylish new flagship Toura model is the most powerful, comfortable and dependable scooter yet. With larger diameter wheels, long lasting batteries and and double padded seat for exceptional comfort.

With its petite frame, the lightweight Quingo Compact is the baby of the Quingo family. Perfect for navigating small spaces, the Compact is ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Like its big brothers, the Compact has the comfort and stability you’d expect from a 5 wheel Quingo scooter, while its ingenious design allows it to fit into most small hatchbacks.

We will be at the Mobility Roadshow this week from 21st – 23rd June 2012 at the Peterborough Arena. We’ll have our full range of mobility scooters at the show, including the Toura and Compact. If you’re visiting the show, please stop by stand C15 and say hello.

13 June 2012

Motability ‘One Big Day’ Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire

On Friday 8 and Saturday 9 June 2012, Quingo Mobility Scooters attended the Motability ‘One Big Day’ exhibition at Stoneleigh Park. 

Attendees got first sight of the latest Quingo range, which now includes the all-new Quingo Toura and the new car-transportable Quingo Compact. This is now the biggest Motability event in the year. Unlike other ‘One Big Day’ events, the exhibition is all indoors and has the largest number of cars, adapted vehicles, wheelchair-accessible vehicles (WAVs), scooters and powered wheelchairs of all their events.